Brand story

Introducing Mahassouni: Where Family Blooms with Heartfelt Creations!

Hey there, radiant souls! I’m Sarah, the mama behind Mahassouni. More than just a business owner, I’m a devoted wife, mother to two beautiful daughters, and an advocate for children’s causes. Mahassouni isn’t just a brand; it’s the bloom of a dream—a dream born from the exhaustion of a soul-crushing office job and the unwavering love for my family.

Facing burnout, I craved a change. Witnessing my daughters blossom, I knew it was time to nurture a new path. Mahassouni became the seed I planted, a testament to resilience, family, and the magic that unfolds when we chase our passions.

Dedicated to the Future Generation

At Mahassouni, children are the sunshine that nourishes our creations. We believe in giving back, with a portion of our proceeds supporting initiatives that champion the well-being of little ones. Our tumblers are more than just beautiful; they’re a symbol of this commitment, each creation infused with the love for family and the hope for a brighter future. Imagine Mom or Dad taking a sip from their Mahassouni tumbler, a reminder of the love and warmth of their family wherever they go!

Family: The Heart of Our Story

Family isn’t just a word at Mahassouni; it’s the fertile ground where everything grows. Every creation reflects the joy, warmth, and unique bond that families share. Our tumblers are a celebration of those everyday moments, big and small, that make family the cornerstone of a happy life.

Our Blossoming Values

  • Independence: We believe in empowering families to create a life that reflects their values.
  • Children’s Cause: A portion of our journey is dedicated to supporting initiatives that make a difference in the lives of children.
  • Family First: Our creations are an ode to family, celebrating the unique bond that makes each family special.
  • Quality Craftsmanship: We take pride in the quality and care evident in every product we make.

** Join Our Family**

As we embark on this journey together, I welcome you with open arms. Mahassouni isn’t just a brand; it’s a community built on love, a belief in the power of family, and the joy of creating a life filled with purpose.

Explore our collection of beautiful tumblers, perfect for Mom and Dad! Discover how Mahassouni can help you celebrate the magic of family in your own home.

With love and gratitude,

Sarah Founder, Mahassouni